Living off the iPad as an Engineer

Photo by Ernest Ojeh on Unsplash

External Monitor, the app’s webpage

External Keyboard and Mouse/Trackpad

A quite simple desk setup. Doing some LumaFusion edits!

Software Dev: Remote Server and Native Apps

A mobile web dev session in the native app Termius, with the side-kick browser
A code-server session, that feels native since it’s the same VS Code as on a regular computer

Software Dev (Bonus): Local Raspberry Pi

Hardware Dev: Remote Server and Remote Desktop

  • use some kind of Remote Desktop software to access our closet computer/server and run the software remotely;
  • choose a web-based CAD software.
My GeeXY printer model, fully created through Jump on the iPad
Despite a few small bugs on Safari, Onshape is an excellent CAD system, fully usable on the iPad

Hardware Engineer at @Algolux. Computationally curious.

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Pierre Jacquier

Pierre Jacquier

Hardware Engineer at @Algolux. Computationally curious.

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